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National Library of Australia

The National Library’s Indonesian collection is the largest collection of Indonesian language material in Australia and one of largest contemporary collections in the world. It comprises over 200,000 volumes of monographs, 5,000 serial and 250 newspaper titles plus several thousand reels of microfilm and sheets of microfiche.

The collection includes publications from the period of Dutch Administration, the Japanese occupation, and in the subject fields of government and politics, the social sciences, development studies, statistics and law.

They also have a very useful list of Indonesian related websites covering Law, News & Media, Journals and Magazines, Newspapers and material on many of the Indonesian provinces.

AIA Links

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Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance
IAA is a national network of organisations and individuals involved with Australia-Indonesia cultural exchange. AIAA’s vision is: promoting Indonesian culture throughout Australia; creating new pathways for Indonesian artists to share their culture in Aus

Books on Indonesia

Spice Islands & Other books
The history, the romance, and the adventure of the spice trade for 2000 years – Ian Burnet


Austrade Indonesia
Excellent site to learn what Austrade can offer in Indonesia. This link has excellent Indonesian information for Australian exporters.
Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) Promoting trade, business and investment between Indonesia and Australia

Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC)
The IABC is based in Jakarta, counterpart to AIBC, promoting trade, business and investment between Indonesia and Australia

Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC)
Government organisation under coordination of Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, with a common goal to enhance the export of Indonesian products throughout the world. ITPC Sydney provides services for the Australian business partners with facilitation to enhance two-way trade engagements.

Indonesian Investment Promotion Centre (IIPC)
Representing the Indonesian Investment Coordination Agency to promote investment in Indonesia.

Diplomatic & Academic

Australia Indonesia Institute (AII)
The AII was established by the Australian Government in 1989 to contribute to a more broadly based and enduring relationship between Australia and Indonesia and to project positive images of Australia and Indonesia in each other’s country.

Indonesia Institute
The Indonesia Institute is a Western Australian-based NGO that was founded in November 2010, active in promoting Indonesia-Australia relations.

Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney

Indonesian Embassy – Canberra

Asialink Business
Building an Asia-Capable Australia With a national mandate to develop an Asia capable workforce, Asialink Business is your partner for success with Asia.

Asialink – The University Of Melbourne
Asialink is Australia’s leading centre for the promotion of public understanding of the countries of Asia and of Australia’s role in the region.

Australian National University – Indonesia Project
ANU Indonesia Project is a leading international centre of research and graduate training on the society and economy of Indonesia. For over 50 years it has been at the forefront of Indonesian studies in Australia and worldwide.

Australia Indonesia Centre
The Australia-Indonesia Centre brings together leading research institutions, business and government in both nations to build stronger relationships and cultural understandings, and to create lasting impact from collaborative research.

Australia Indonesia Institute
The Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) was established by the Australian Government to contribute to a more broadly based and enduring relationship between Australia and Indonesia and to project positive images of Australia and Indonesia in each other’s country.

Lowy Institute
Lowy Institute – The Lowy Institute is an independent, nonpartisan think tank which conducts original, policy-relevant research about international political, strategic and economic issues from an Australian perspective.


Balai Bahasa Indonesia ACT
Promoting Indonesian language and culture in Canberra and across Australia. Includes links to online lessons in Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian Students Association
Indonesian Students Association at each university.

Workers Education Association – Sydney
Workers Education Association – Sydney. Beginners and advanced courses in Bahasa Indonesia

NSW School of Languages

Community Language Schools


Antara News Agency
ANTARA has bureaus in all provinces and manned by nearly 200 correspondents covering news down to village levels.

Buletin Indo
Indonesian newspaper for the Indonesian community in Sydney

Indonesian newspaper published in Sydney for the Indonesian community

Kompas Cyber Media
Indonesian on line newspaper in Bahasa

SBS TV and Radio

The Jakarta Post
The English Daily newspaper

Yahoo News on Indonesia
Latest news from various news sources

Indonesian Community Organisations

Indonesia Golf Association
Golf association for the Indonesian community in Sydney

Indonesian Welfare Association
Welfare advice and guidance to Indonesians living in NSW

Indonesian Community Council
The Indonesian Community Council of NSW Inc is an umbrella organisation for a wide range of Indonesian Community Groups

Indonesian Diaspora Network NSW – connecting Indonesians living in NSW

Indonesian Diaspora Network Australia – connecting Indonesians living in Australia.

Other Sites

Australia Indonesia Association – ACT
The aim of AIA (ACT) is to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Australia and the people of Indonesia.

Australia Indonesia Association Victoria
AIAV is an organisation for people with links to or an interest in Indonesia. Its membership is a diverse mix of Indonesian and Australian people. Many members are either already fluent in or currently studying Indonesian language. Social activities held.

Australian Indonesian Association of South Australia
The Australian Indonesian Association of South Australia (AIA of SA) aims to promote better understanding and goodwill between the people of Australia and Indonesia based on friendship and trust. They organise the annual Indofest.

Living in Indonesia – A site for Expatriates
Providing a wealth of practical information for expatriates planning to move to or already living in Indonesia.

Nusa Tenggara Association
The NTA sponsors small-scale economic and social development activities in eastern Indonesia, selected by community consultation, ranging from building water tanks and wells, through providing farming equipment and training, to supplying books and furniture

Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA)
AIYA is a government funded, youth-led organisation which aims to better connect young Indonesians and Australians to each other and to Australia-Indonesia related opportunities.


Wot Cross Culture
Wot Cross Culture was established by Suzan Piper and Sawung Jabo in 1995. Its mission is to provide culturally nuanced professional services and strategies to bridge the communication gap between Indonesia and Australia